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M.L. Snowden Bronze Registry

M.L. Snowden’s authentic bronzes have realized substantial increase in value over the last decade, particularly in the period from 2010- 2015. Such substantial valuation requires vigilant security. 


Discounted works are questionable, outside of the market and represent a minimum fractional portion of activity. Such works do not impact the overall appraised price point and value structure of the artist which encompasses more than 2,000 bronzes held in public and private collections. The M.L. Snowden Institute’s Bronze Registry has been established for the sole purpose of discouraging and preventing unauthorized bronzes from entering the marketplace. The Institute functions as a platform for legally confirming the authentic holdings of collectors.



Steps to Register your  M.L. Snowden Bronze.


1. Send copies of your Certificate of Authenticity /guarantor papers along with your own snapshot of the bronze signature/ number of your art to the M.L. Snowden Institute for official registration for entry into our legal database of accredited sculptures.


2. Fill out the online confidential registration and submit

This is the official Snowden/Rodin/Eberhard seal which should be found in your certificate along with the edition number or date of completion.

We look forward to receiving your Email and your own snapshot of your bronze as well as any paperwork. Your information will constitute a confidential and historic file in  the M.L. Snowden Bronze legal database.

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